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Hello everyone! We know you probably couldn’t sleep last night just wondering what we’ve been up to lately. Well, wonder no more! Last week we started sending out to the world some online surveys to reach our potential customers for the very first time. So yes… if you are reading this, then we want you to get involved and help us!

“But, why would I bother?” - you were just wondering- We want to incorporate as much as we can all of your needs and preferences in our design. This would be really (really!) helpful for us in order to create an awesome product that you, and many other potential users, could enjoy. Moreover, can you imagine the joy and pride you will experience when you have the final product in your hands and realise: "I helped creating this beauty!"

So don't miss out the chance: if you are an intensive computer user, a cross-console gamer, or you just love technology, specially if live in the neighbourhood of the Netherlands/Europe then we’d like to know your opinion! Pick your subject and follow one of the links below in order to get to the survey of your interest:

1. Gamers:

2. Injuries Related to Technology Use:

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