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New 3D printer in da house!

Yep! as you can see in the pictures we just got our hands on a new Craftbot Plus here at Forward Factory! After doing some research it was clear the Craftbot Plus had the perfect balance between quality and price, and we just decided it was time to go for it. The conclusion: It totally rocks!

We were very satisfied with the purchase since the moment we took the printer out of the box. Not only the metal frame provides a robust casing for the printer but also its rounded edges combined with transparent panels on both sides make it look elegant and stylish, giving an instant feeling of good quality. However the most rewarding moment after unboxing was when we set the 3D printer next to the toaster and realised it made a perfect match! now we can print all kinds of cool stuff and eat some bread in the meantime :)

Installation and setup were straightforward: just mounted a couple of parts, fed the plastic filament in the extruder, calibrated the heating bed and before we knew it we were ready to print something. But you know here at Forward Factory we don't like average results so we didn't just print "something", instead we searched the web for the most amazing Pikachu and brought it to life!

Amazing right? Actually the print resolution is very good! thin printing lines and smooth surface finish, except for a few warped lines behind the tail because of the poor support in that area. But anyway our Pikachu was a very positive surprise for a first try!

We are looking forward to integrate this fantastic tool in our prototyping process and to learn more about the ins and outs of 3D printing, but so far it is good to know that our imagination is still the limit!

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